Pusat Majudiri-Y

Penang YMCA started the ‘Silent Club’ in the early 70’s for the deaf. Its aim was to bring them together for fellowship and for inter-personal learning experiences. Eventually, it expanded its services by establishing a Self-Reliance Centre for the Deaf. The Centre, which started operations in 8 June 1991, was officially opened on 19 August 1991 and is currently managed by dedicated staff and volunteers.

Objectives :

  • To increase public awareness of deafness and its impact on society.
  • To provide opportunities for the holistic development of all sectors involving the Deaf Community regardless of gender, race or religion.
  • To promote bilingual education, early intervention programmes and training opportunities for the deaf.
  • To work with the Deaf to ensure their rights as citizens are actively advocated.
  • To increase participation of the Deaf Community in society and assist them to integrate into all spheres of life in the community.
  • To establish, enhance and strengthen ties with government and non-governmental organisations.

Our activities include:

  • Training in Sign Language for the Deaf and the General Public
  • Interpreting Services
  • Leadership Training
  • Creating and Building Deaf Awareness (International Deaf Day)
  • Advocacy Work
  • Deaf Employment Network
  • Pre-employment Briefing
  • Job Placement and Counselling
  • Support for Self-Employment
  • Social & Recreational Programmes
  • Parents Support Programme Group
  • Family Life Programmes

Call for Volunteers

Volunteers play a vital role in the residential and community services operated by the Penang YMCA. They contribute valuable time, energy and expertise to Penangites.

Volunteers, from 16 to 70 years of age, are needed for fund-raising projects, administrative duties and social/community events.

It can be on an ad-hoc or long term basis.


Y Needs

Volunteers are also needed in our Community programmes. Bless someone through your services and actions. Give us a call.