Youth and Sports
The YMCA emblem is a firm reminder that the total development of Body, Mind and Spirit is what the YMCA is about. In order to maximize its youth and sport activities for the benefits of its members and community, the Y believes in being involved with other youth and sports organizations. The Penang Y is affiliated to the following Organizations:

  • Majlis Belia Negeri Pulau Pinang
  • Penang Table Tennis Association

Youth Section

  • to promote friendship and understanding among its members irrespective of nationality and religion.
  • to promote activities for the improvement of mental, physical and social well being of youths.
  • to provide opportunities for the training and development of leadership abilities of youths.
  • to encourage members to participate in community development projects


Youth for youth (y4y)

Youth for Youth (Y4Y) defines WE. As youths we use our abilities to help others. We believe that Children and Youths are the future leaders of the country. "Youth For Youth" is not only about concerts and talentime but we also have other outdoor activities planned for you.
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Festival Of Sports

Festival of Sports is a biennial event between YMCAs Singapore and YMCAs Malaysia. The festival was first held in 1968. Invitations to participate in the event are also extended to YMCAs in other countries, namely Chiang Mai, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The emphasis and main objective of the event is not on winning but rather on promoting friendly competition and camaraderie.

YMCA  global citizen education & green Challenge

What is Global Citizenship?

“Global Citizenship is both an awareness and act of commitment rooted in the spirit of global consciousness and interconnectedness of the world. It recognizes the need to understand global realities and social responsibilities and motivates the people to develop mindset as citizens of the world with human and ethical values. It promotes the collective community social responsibilities and actions towards justice, peace and sustainability of life by citizens as change agents.”
- Tokyo statement on Global Citizenship, APAY

The event was in line with the Asia & Pacific Alliance of YMCAs (APAY) Green Challenge 2013, its objective is to make youths aware of their responsibility towards the environment and society.

The programme included a talk on Global Citizenship Education with some interactive fun games thrown in. The highlight was for all the participants to try hands-on go green activities, ie making Bokashi (kitchen waste composit), EM Mudballs, Biogas, Enzyme, and Organic Farming.

The organizing committee had also created a logo with our hash tag term for our go green events. Find us on Facebook and Instagram at #ymcagogreen for more pictures and information.